The Fray-Who Wants to be Labeled?

14 Mar


“We don’t call ourselves a Christian band. Because when you get into marketing, ‘Christian’ means that you have everything together, and you’re always happy, and you want everybody to start going to your church. The common denominators in the music I’ve liked is the honesty of not having answers and the passion to find them. I think that’s what spiritual music has, whether it’s Christian or pop or new age. If we have an agenda, it’s to make art that is honest and represents what we believe in.”
–Isaac Slade of The Fray in USA Today

In the gospels, I heard recently (I have to check my source) Jesus is asked approximately 300 or 400 questions. He directly answers 3 of them. I can’t imagine all the damage Christians have done by pretending to have all the answers or settling with a surface answer rather than trying to get at the root of the question. Which would mean taking the time to get to know and listen and care for the person asking the question.


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