World on Fire

2 Apr

Some of the numbers pop up here quickly so I wrote them down.

This video should have taken 150,000 dollars to make.
Instead it took $15
It could make a difference to over 1,000,000 people
On set in LA
$200=production assistant for 1 day
In Ethiopia: 100 childrens school fees for 1 term
Office phones = $480
Equips 10 classrooms in Afghanistan
$5,000 = cost of make-up and hair for one day
$5,000 = one years schooling for 145 girls in Afghanistan
$500 on set = sound playback
$500 in Bangladesh = all the nuts and bolts to hold 50 houses together
$1150 on set = filming equipment
$1,150 in Nepal = 5 bicycle ambulances
$9,500 on set = meetings, tax and union fees
$9,500 in west africa = film screenings in refugee camps which creates education plus escapism for 180,000 refugees
50 oranges =’s $1
She works 2 jobs/16 hours a day/7 days a week…to earn the $200 a year it costs to send her son to school
$10,200 on set = 2 hours of film stock
$10,200 in (2:31) = 6 wells built in 6 different countries
$3,500 on set = a produciton supervisor
$3,500 in Sierra Leone = schooling and support for 70 children of war

$3,000 on set = catering for a one day shoot
$3,000 in Calcutta = 10,950 meals for street children
$5,400 = studio costs
$5,400 = independence for 100 widows in Afghanistan
$15,000 = Camera and Art Department Costs
$15,000 = a machine to generate power for an entire rural community (energy/irrigation/business)
$2,625 = cost of electricians on set for one day
livestock as a source of food and income for villages across the world
$2,500 = 1 editor
schooling for 100 street children in Tanzania for a year
11,000=all editing and post
will run a street childrens hospital for a whole year
$1,500 will give 7 former child soldiers training in skills that will help them rebuild their lives

3,500 = 10 grannies adopted
16,500 = directors fee (+1st and 2nd AD)
total running cost of a south african orphanage for one year
7,500 = what a producer would earn
this could buy 6 months of medicine for 5000 patients
22,500 = the production company
Kibera will get a 12-room clinic

So I ask myself some questions: I don’t spend $150,000 that could be spent elsewhere but what do I spend my money on?


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