An Easter Blog

8 Apr

He is risen!
He is risen indeed!

This is a typical introduction of Easter Sunday. While it can be cheezy and trite it signifies something that I can’t put into words. At a certain point in time death was conquered. Someone didn’t stay dead. Everyone in history has had their body turn back to the dirt that it was created from. But on this Easter morning the cycle was interrupted.

The symbol for Rome’s power, the cross, was revealed to be utterly powerless. Strength was found in weakness and glory was found in shame.

To be honest, however, on Easter morning when “He is risen indeed!” is shouted, I take note of the world around me and I wonder. Over the past 9 years of being a Christian my heart has been broken. The first inkling of this occurred when I realized that God loved me enough to send his son to die for me so that I could go to heaven. But then it got bigger, I realized that this love wasn’t just for someday in the future but it was for now. I realized that it affected the people around me.

I learned to turn the other cheek, and walk 2 miles when only 1 was required. Of course I had my setbacks, like everyone does, but things were changing for those I encountered. But God’s love, I saw, began to encompass and gravitate towards the abused and the abandoned. I feel like it has ruined me, but in a good way. You know what I mean? I know that money and possessions won’t satisfy. The thing about God’s love that is cool is that it allows you to care about those who you did not have the abilities to care about before.
But love leads to heartbreak, doesn’t it?

The numbers are numbing. 30,000 kids will die everyday because of malnutrition, something that we have more than enough resources to take care. There are currently 27,000,000 slaves, half of them under 18 years of age. 1,200,000,000 people don’t have clean drinking water.

He is risen indeed?

It makes it hard to believe. It’s interesting that God’s solution to the abuse of the oppressed, and abandoned of the world is the church. But we haven’t shown up. Maybe that is why the world hears our claim to believe in Jesus and finds it unbelievable. But I live with hope as I hear story after story of people who have chosen to live a life bigger than themselves. With every story of a person who has opened up a business in a foreign country to provide women forced into the slave trade a chance to earn a living, I know that somewhere there was an empty tomb 2,000 years ago. Everytime I hear about a lawyer who has given up the good life to help document cases of injustice to force corrupt powers to free those imprisoned, I can’t help but realize that there is one tomb in history that should be occupied but isn’t.

Whenever I hear of someone who doesn’t have to have the next greatest toy but has chosen to live simply so that a person can eat I can’t help but hear a faint whisper saying, “He is risen.” To which in my heart, I can’t help but respond, “He is risen indeed!”


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