Resurrection Luncheon

22 Apr

restore (a dead person) to life

On Saturday I went to a fund raiser in association with the gospel rescue mission. This is a place where women who have been domestically abused or were dependent on drugs go to get their life back in order. While there I heard several of the stories of people who had lost everything but somehow found God in the process. It was powerful to see what the gospel looks like in real life. It struck a chord within me when I heard a women saying that she was able to “file taxes this year!” Something that we generally dread having to do brought this woman a simple joy because she was beginning to get her life back in order.

Jesus is risen and so am I, time for turbotax!

Something that disturbed me but was not a surprise was the lack of men at the luncheon. Out of the 50 people there, I think that there were about 5 guys. It makes sense to me (not that it is ok), we live in a culture in which men turn women into a product to be consumed (if you don’t agree watch a beer commercial) so I guess it is to be expected that when they are at their lowest (recovering prostitutes/domestic abuse) they are virtually ignored by men who have already used them.

It’s their goal to raise 30,000 dollars (I think) to hire a women to help run the shelter at night so that they can invite more and more women into the program. Church’s and people will spend that kind of money on all kinds of useless things that will make almost no difference in a broken and shattered world but have a hard time giving to these things. I wonder why. In the scriptures God makes a point over and over to say that the way we treat the orphan, the widow and the stranger is the measure of our love for God, for others and the measure for “true and faultless religion.”

So if you want to donate some time or money let me know and I’ll put you in contact with someone who can help you make a difference.


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