Anatomy of a Crash

29 Aug

Apparently, as you can see by the skid marks in the dirt headed towards the Tahoe, the throttle on my nephews dirtbike got stuck.


Next, the front tire of the dirtbike hit the back tire of the Tahoe, slamming the exaust pipe of the bike into an area near the bumper.


From there my nephews arm worked as a buffer (slight layer of burnt skin on the car) to keep bike from severely scratching side of vehicle. Instead only the brake lever scratched the car appearing as if it had been keyed.


From there after my nephew’s arm or shoulder hit the mirror, knocking it forward, the front tire of the dirtbike his the front tire of the Tahoe which shot the bike 90 degrees in a eastward direction into a pine tree.



From there he crashed and was thrown off the bike with his glasses stuck at an angle in the helmet…

So here is the impact it had on the human body of a 12 year old named Austin Merrill…

All and all he didn’t look to bad. He was shook up for about an hour but a trip to the store for a paintball gun seemed to cheer him up. It was a fun weekend at the cabin. Although more things happened than that. I think I’ll title next post “Anatomy of a Shooting: When Air Guns Go Haywire”


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