Now Reading…A Community Called Atonement

1 Sep


Not a fancy book but great insight. If you’ve wrestled with what it meant for your life and your community as a whole that a peasent Galilean Jew, who claimed to be messiah/christ/king, hung on a cross then this is a great book. Just to introduce you to the word. Atonement was actually an english word created to capture the biblical description of at-one-moment.

Where we start in discussing atonement often becomes the primary picture for why we believed Jesus died. For instance, it is common to say that the cross starts with human sin being erased and us presented clean before God. So atonement in this case will often take on a form of a God who is quite upset over what we have done. Someone has to be punished and God in his infinate goodness and love takes on our punishment that we could not handle upon himself in the form of Jesus.

Still another example, that of the Eastern Orthodox, is that atonement is the remedy of death. So the reason that Jesus died upon the cross was so that because his body was risen from the grave so will our body be raised from the grave.

The author while seeing validity in these presentations takes another route. Atonement, at-one-moment, is more about taking what was separated and bringing it at-one-with its original destiny. McKnight, from what I get, is saying that atonement is about restoring us to the image of God that we were created in. Sure it deals with sin and it deals with death only because those are not what were meant for humans to be created in the image of God.

Anyways, great book and I would say very readable for a theology book. Buy it and let’s get some coffee to talk it over.


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  1. Jennie September 1, 2007 at 7:59 pm #

    My copy is ordered and on its way. Thanks for introducing me to prime shipping with Amazon!

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