Questioning Ephesians part 2

15 Dec

I’m going to be teaching through Ephesians I believe this upcoming January so I thought I’d take the next week or two and ask as many questions as I can while I read through the text? Feel free to throw in some of yours!

Ephesians 1:1b
To the saints in Ephesus, the faithful in Christ Jesus:

Where is Ephesus? What was the religious climate like in Ephesus? What was the governmental structure of Ephesus? What were their sources of income? How similar or different was Ephesus to America? Did the people of Ephesus have any kind of understanding of the Hebrew scriptures? In what ways would the message of Jesus confront the people who lived in and made a living in Ephesus?

“the saints”
If a saint means to be set apart then what are we as Christians set apart from? Specifically, what did it mean in Ephesus to be set apart? In what ways would this sainthood exclude them from the daily life of Ephesus and in what ways would it free them from cultural restraints under the way things had always been done there?


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