10 Ten Reasons Amy is Spoiled: According to Amy

25 Dec


Here is a special blog devoted to Amy Wygant, my roomates girlfriend. Enjoy!

#10-I get everything I want!
#9-I usually get my way!
#8-Pouting always works…except with Steve.
#7-Steve’s Parents got me better presents than they got him!
#6-My friends support me cause I’m always broke!
#5-People are terrified of disappointing me!
#4-I receive all expense paid vacation to Disneyland with my friends (thanks to Steve who was only a friend at the time…yeah right)!
#3-One call to my dad can fix any financial or automotive problem!
#2-Since I met Steve I’ve seen about 160 movies all on Steve’s dime (most of them while we were just friends…yeah right)!
#1-I have the boyfriend I want, job I want and coat that I want!

I would like to add that I am very grateful for everything that has been given to me! And I’ve worked hard to get a lot of it as well.


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