My Facebook Social Profile

30 Dec

So on Facebook there is an option where you can compare people. It seems to be a form for ranking people. I’m not sure how healthy or good of a thing it is to rank people. Hence, why my myspace page only has charities as my top friends. There is an interesting option that allows you to see how others rank you. So without further adieu here are what my friends think of me with my comments next to how accurate I think they are:

Standing among friends Compare People
1st in “Who is more famous”-Surprising, maybe because I do announcements at Crosswalk and teach on Thursday nights.
1st in “Who is more powerful”-I think this is too high. I’m more athletically aggressive than powerful.
1st in “Who has a better body”-enough said.
1st in “Who is more organized”-I am very strategically disorganized to where if someone hung out with me they would see that I am going in a hundred different directions in my head but I am good at bringing different things together at the right time to appear like I got it together.
1st in “Who would I rather get stuck in handcuffs with”-hmmm…
1st in “Who is braver”-I’m down with being risky for those who are abandoned but that is pretty much the extent of my bravery.
1st in “Who has better taste in music”-I would say that like music from all different decades but am very slow to keep up with current releases.

2nd in “Who is smarter”-I love to learn and see different perspectives. I feel bad for people who shoot off their mouths.
2nd in “Who is more confident”-I think that finding that my identity in Christ allows me to not listen to voices that say I’m not good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, funny enough,…
2nd in “Who is nicer”-I like people. I think we have been incredible value by God. I don’t feel like I am nice enough however.
2nd in “Who would make a better father”-Bring it on!

3rd in “Who is more useful”-I suppose in some areas.
3rd in “Who more likely to succeed”-depends on what success looks like.
3rd in “Who is more tech-savvy”-I am very tech-savy when it comes to superficial stuff. I have no patience to learn the intricate detailed computer-technology stuff.
3rd in “Who is more trustworthy”-thanks.
3rd in “Who is funnier”-I have my moments.

5th in “Who is crazier”-I have my moments.

7th in “Who is a happier person”-Would have thought this would be higher. I have a dry humor and at times am a bit sarcastic. Maybe I will smile more.

8th in “Who has a better smile”-maybe not. I do have British teeth.
8th in “Who has a better sense of humor”-I guess funny and sense of humor are not the same thing?
8th in “Who is more loyal”-Bummer but true. I’m spread pretty thin with two jobs and school full time and being a bookaholic. It makes it hard to always be there.

9th in “Who has a better profile picture”-True, it needs work.
9th in “Who is more adventurous”-Huh? Brave #1 and Crazy #5 and I’m only #9 for Adventurous? Be consistent people!
9th in “Who is cuter”-True, I’m not a head turner.
9th in “Who more likely to skip class”-I did not miss a day of school from 7th grade through my freshman year of college (7years)

10th in “Who is more punctual”-Rubbish. I am on time every time.
10th in “Who is cooler”-True, neither do I attempt to be.

14th in “Who is better at science”-While I may be a little rusty I excelled in science and math.

17th in “Who is more fashionable”-No argument here.


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