Rob Bell at THEOOZE

12 Jan

Here is the link to the article.

Some noticeable things that stood out to me as I read the text. Rob Bell takes a lot of crap from people for not accurately communicating the gospel. But I think that he has a much clearer grasp of what the gospel looks like when it takes on flesh and bone. I think what people may be concerned about is his soteriology, not his understanding of the gospel.

Bell doesn’t reduce the message of the bible, prophets, apostles or Jesus to a few simple bulletin points. The bible is a complex book. I would say a theme that is persuasive is the kingdom of God. Which I think that the kingdom of God is what the gospel is about. It isn’t limited to the forgiveness of sins although it includes that as well. The gospel is about what happens when God’s kingdom collides with the current kingdoms of the earth. The kingdom of God, far from the crusades, is about restoring shalom (peace) to the world.

There are some in Christendom who accuse Bell of being an entertainer. They are the same ones that say just preach the word and let God do the work. Bell circumvents even getting into that discussion. He talks about his days in the band. If people don’t like what they hear (not lyrics necessarily but how the band comes across) they leave. Sunday services are the only place that we expect people to stay no matter what. So preaching is about not just being showing but speaking in a compelling way that causes others to want more.

When asked if his congregation that meets in a stripped down mall built in the 70’s or 80’s had plans to ever move to a nicer location he responded that there is a really down and out area of Michigan that he would love for his congregation to move too. It is interesting to see Bell, who is a Christian celebrity (I’m sure he would despise that title) could have anything at this point (buildings, nice house, show on TBN) has instead of making demands, moved with his family into a poor urban neighborhood.

There’s plenty more in the article check out about on hell and questioning…


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