Visualizing the Bible

1 Feb


So I found this visualization created by a guy named Chris Harris. According to his website:
Different colors are used for various arc lengths, creating a rainbow like effect. The bar graph running along the bottom shows every chapter in the Bible and their respective lengths (in verses). Books alternate in color between white and light gray.

With all this going on it is understandable that the bible can be a pretty difficult book to take on. It also becomes evident that there seems to be a back story to everything that is going on in a portion of scripture that you are reading. When we take a key verse and form all of our understanding about God based on one or a couple of our favorite passages we run the risk of interpreting all of the bible through those passages rather than interpreting those passages through the rest of the scriptures. I think this is another reason why we should practice caution in just handing out the new testament to people. As far as I can tell, the arc of Genesis 1 goes all the way to Revelation 22.

One of the most helpful articles on the bible for me was written by N.T. Wright. It was called how_can_the_bible_be_authoritative.pdf. Check it out!


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