8 Mar


I worship at a lot of altars. I try not to. I have dreams to do things that really matter to make a difference but it isn’t too long before I begin to worship something or someone. I want to help the poor but I also want an Airbook. I wan’t to have deep conversations and relationships with others but I also want an iPhone. I’ve heard that the “good” is the enemy of the “great” but seriously, I don’t agree with that statements. There are plenty of crappy things I can give up to find life and help others find life before I have to even address some of the “good” things that I could replace with the great.

“Kierkegaard’s definition of being a saint–someone who can will the one thing. Most of us are quite like Mother Teresa in that we want to will God and the poor. We do will them. The problem is we will everything else as well. Thus, we want to be a saint, but we also want to feel every sensation experienced by sinners; we want to be innocent and pure, but we also want to be experienced and taste all of life; we want to serve the poor and have a simple lifestyle, but we also want all the comforts of the rich; we want to have the depth afforded by solitude, but we also do not want to miss anything; we want to pray, but we also want to watch television, read, talk to friends, and go out. Small wonder life is often a trying enterprise and we are often tired and pathologically overextended.”-Ronald Rohlenheiser, The Holy Longing


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