Early Easter Thoughts…

19 Mar


Easter: A time when the resurrection of Jesus is celebrated. It often stands out as a unique time when the natural order of things were overcome by a supernatural event. This event ascribed to Jesus is a belief designated to no one else in history. However, I believe the resurrection event of Jesus isn’t something that we just believe happened in the past but it a predictor of what is to come. The claim of the scriptures is that what God did for Jesus on that Easter Sunday morning is his intention for the whole world.

While this doesn’t eliminate or even dull the pain of losing someone we care about it puts this loss in perspective. Whatever death seems to have stolen from us the resurrection promises that God will return to us in a form more alive than ever before. Easter doesn’t cancel Good Friday but it illuminates it. God might not remove the memory of what has happened but he can remove the sting.


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