Bad Ass Criminals of the Year

22 Mar

A documentary film by Brenda Truelson Fox

In 2002, as the USA prepared to “shock and awe” Iraq, three audacious nuns staged a symbolic act to “inspect, expose and disarm” the weapons of mass destruction hidden deep in American soil. At dawn on a brisk October morning the sisters entered a Minuteman III missile site armed with hammers, prayer and their own blood. CONVICTION tells the story of this Plowshares action compelling audiences to grapple with the unfolding realities of nuclear proliferation, the implications of international law, and the untenable ethics of a super-church in bed with the military interests of the State. The religious right labeled the three nuns fanatics, the justice system convicted them of sabotage, the Master General of the Dominican Order in Rome thanked them for their powerful preaching and Jane Magazine voted them the Bad Ass Criminals of the Year. This 45-minute documentary delves head on into these contradictions while exploring a system that would have three nuns marked as terrorists.



One Response to “Bad Ass Criminals of the Year”

  1. Steven March 25, 2008 at 10:25 am #

    Looks good. Have you seen it yet?

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