Thoughts on home…

30 Mar

I’ve been in the new place a little over a week now. I really should take some photo’s. It is starting to feel like a home and I just got some couches for the living room thanks to Jim and Maria Gosset. I’ve purchased a four piece setting for cups, plates and utensils and of course a one place setting of Dodger Dishes.


Some observations I’ve had…
1. Get some kind of theft deterrant as the downstairs neighbors has their door kicked in at 10:30am last Tuesday. My alarm system should be in Monday. I don’t really have anything worth stealing except for the TV and DVD player Stan let me borrow.

2. I’ve noticed in some of the nicer parts of Stockton the status quo is to sort of ignore each other. Not too much eye contact or recognition. In my new neighborhood there is a lot of direct eye contact as everyone seems to be sizing everyone up.

3. I’m praying a lot. I generally run around the neighborhood 2-4 times a week and I constantly pray over the neighborhood that they would grasp in Paul’s words to the Ephesians in chapter 3 “How long, and wide and high and deep is the love of Christ.”

4. I just want to be there. I don’t want to try to play the role of the hero or someone who is stooping down to someone else’s level. I just want to be there and that is enough for now.

5. I’m dreaming. What would it look like if the body of Christ didn’t run from complicated or difficult positions? What would it look like if those who had the gift of teaching helped with tutoring. What would it look like if athletes put on clinics or helped organize sports with kids to give some of them something to focus on and be passionate about? What would it look like to have BBQ’s at the community parks where we just hung out and ate with people and talked and made sure that people had food? What if we adopted run down parks or schools and in Jesus’ name cleaned them up?

6. I’m doing. I finally hit a point where I couldn’t talk about a God anymore who seeks out broken and abandoned places and stay comfortable myself. I would say that it looks different for a 28 year old guy to seek about places that have been abandoned than it would look for a 37 year old woman with 3 kids. I don’t think that people have to be a clone of what I am doing but I do think that we have traded the gospel for comfort.

7. There is no place I’d rather be.

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One Response to “Thoughts on home…”

  1. Sarah April 3, 2008 at 12:32 pm #

    I agree with you in so many ways. I’ve lived in both words. I’ve lived in the “burbs” and in the “ghetto”. In the suburbs, everyone drives into their garage and then goes into their houses, so it’s possible to have neighbors you never meet. In the ghetto, people hang out outside a lot, so you get to meet them. Even just making it a point to say hello can start a friendly neighborly relationship.

    About safety, I recommend a security door. They’re metal, so pretty difficult to kick in, plus you can answer then door and still have a screen of safety. We have one (though our neighborhood seems pretty safe) and it’s been nice to know that we have that extra bit of protection!

    Oh, and I had no idea you got hit by a car! People are scary! I take it you weren’t seriously hurt? What you really have to be on the look out for are police dogs (kidding). I’m so paranoid about getting hit in my car, that when I approach a green light, I slow down and look both ways to make sure everyone is stopping. I’ve almost been hit by red light runners twice now!

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