A Wedding, a Reception and a Game

25 Apr

Yesterday was a full day. It started off with Matt and Stacia’s wedding at the Manteca courthouse. If you missed the vows let me recap what the judge said:

Do you?
Do you?
You’re done.

You may now kiss the bride.
But seriously, the judge said that he never saw so many people in his courtroom before…for a wedding. He also mentioned after the bride and groom kissed that he had never seen such a happy crowd…for a wedding.

I was then able to catch the first half of the reception, offer a prayer for the marriage and snag a plate of food.

From there I gathered together with a great group of friends, threw sunflowers seeds and people and somehow got put in a head lock twice. It was a great evening with good people…


2 Responses to “A Wedding, a Reception and a Game”

  1. Sarah April 28, 2008 at 5:01 pm #

    I know, I love it when Judge Judy gets mad! I don’t actually watch the show, but you can find really funny episodes on youtube all the time.

    Mediation went well. The attorneys for the city apologized profusely. That was nice, if for no other reason then to know there would not be a debate about who was at fault. It will just be nice to pay off all of Matt’s medical stuff that insurance wouldn’t cover. Too bad mediation cost us $400 an hour…ha ha.

    You did a really great job yesterday! I typically enjoy your preaching style When Matt and I start a church, you’ll be our pastor…right? I’m only half-way joking. 🙂 Thanks for inviting us. Matt liked it too!

    Oh, did you ever get a screen for your door? I saw them in the paper yesterday at Lowes (I think, but I can find the ad) for $70!

  2. Rob April 30, 2008 at 4:10 pm #

    No, I haven’t got the door yet. But I did see them for $74 (the cheap ones). I’ll have to check out that add to see if it is a better quality door.

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