An Economic Stimulus Spending Spree

12 May

“There’s a phrase we live by in America — ‘In God We Trust’. It’s right there where Jesus would have wanted it — on our money.”-Stephen Colbert

Found this article at Jesus Manifesto blog

Come May, most of us tax paying citizens will be receiving a check in the mail. Now, regardless of whether you agree with capitalism, our government, or the Economic Stimulus package, the fact remains that you’ll be getting a check either way. Now, the question becomes how to spend it.

It’s true, once you get the check, it’s your money to do what you’d like with it, but the intent is that you spend it on consumer goods, thus stimulating the economy. You might just save it away for a rainy day or use it to pay off some debt, but I’d like to recommend another idea: A Giving Spree.

What an amazing opportunity to take make a statement flipping a value system on it’s head. The money given with the intent of spending it on ourselves in our consumer society, thus stimulating our capitalist economy (thus saving us from impending doom) basically makes the statement that we can ‘Save Ourselves by Consuming.’ We have the opportunity to take that same resource and use it for good, clothing the needy, feeding the hungry, bringing justice to the captives.

I’d like to propose that come May, when you receive your rebate check, that you take a large portion of it (or all of it) and go on a Christ-honoring Giving Spree. Here are some ideas:

* Take some homeless people you meet out to a fancy restaurant.
* Buy a CSA Share for a needy family in your neighborhood.
* Purchase and give away CFL Bulbs, Cloth Shopping Bags, Fair Trade Chocolate, Fair Trade Socks.
* Host a Pizza Party for students at your neighborhood school.
* Sponsor a child for a year.
-Written by Aria Fine


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