Jesus Wants to Save Christians

26 May

So Rob Bell is coming out with a new book in October called Jesus Wants to Save Christians. I’m actually pretty excited about this one. His first book Velvet Elvis, great thoughts, but seemed like he was trying to be a little too provocative and lost me in a few places. His next book, Sex God, while it stirred up less controversy, wasn’t quite as memorable. Although I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. It is different from any book on sexuality I have read. This third book though has room to become something. Here is an excerpt from an audio summary he gave of the book:

“If you are a follower of Jesus a middle eastern man living in an occupied country that was crucified by the global military superpower of his day. And the leader of the global military superpower of your day, in celebrating victory and occupation of a middle eastern country quotes hymns in the military victory speech about Jesus. If you are a Christian this should make you nervous. The bible is a story told from the perspective of a people on the underside of global military superpowers. So its the Assyrians, the Persians, the Babylonians, the Egyptians and the Romans. The bible comes to us from small minorities of people who are conquered peoples with the boot of global massive military superpowers on their neck.

So when you read this story and you read this book as a citizen of the most powerful empire the world has ever seen you may miss some of its central ideas. Because when it says, “some trust in chariots, but we trust in God” and you are 6% of the worlds population and you have 42.8% of its weapons…you’re the one with the chariots.”

Something that I appreciate about Rob, much like Rick Warren (whether you agree with either of them or not), he hasn’t used his platform or popularity as a Christian celebrity for financial gain. He and his family choose to sell their house and move into a neighborhood that is dealing with a lot of brokenness and poverty. While you can call people to be responsible with what they have you can never call a church to risk or sacrifice where you are unwilling to do that yourself first.


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