What I’m Reading During June

26 May

4 books in 4 weeks…plus 3 others to read in my spare time. Fortunately, I only sleep about 5 hours a day during the summer…

A Billion Bootstraps = A book on microfinancing. This is probably one of the more exciting things I’ve discovered in understanding how to help people in third-world countries not only have food for the evening but creating a self-sustaining life. It also is a major tool against injustice in that it gives education and resources to those who normally would have to rely solely on those in power to provide for them. In five years any church that considers itself missionally aware, wanting to bring the good news of Jesus, will be very much into microfinancing.

Turning to Jesus: The gospel is often presented as A, B and C = Admit, Believe, Confess
4 Spiritual Laws = 1. God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life…etc
However, rather than A, B and C it is often X, B and R or C, M, D, C again and then R. Rarely in the scriptures and real life do you find any kind of simple pattern for how we stumble into faith.

Myth of a Christian Nation = My latest learning hobby horse. Sorry, Wallbuilders…religiously friendly founded, yes, Christian no. But go ahead and try to make the case. Try not to let anyone point out slavery and women’s lack of rights, it kind of blows your case that it was founded on Christian principles. But more than being any kind of slam against the founding of our country it is more about choosing the kingdom of Jesus rather than the kingdom of a man-made country. BTW, I was trying to think of one patriotic song that has the words of Jesus in it. Not that there aren’t any, I just can’t think of any. There is probably a pretty good reason for that.

Finding Our Way Again = This is a book on spiritual disciplines. A discipline as I understand it is just creating room for God to do something.

The One Year Bible = For ten years strong I’ve been reading through the thing about once a year. It helps me to not get caught up with one or two things but to continue to see how it all fits within the larger picture.

Blue Like Jazz and Irresistible Revolution are books that our 2030’s group at Crosswalk are going through…


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