Mixed Signals…

27 Jun

So I like to read Relevant Magazine. I don’t subscribe to it but when a copy lands in my lap I read/glance through it. I think that they have a lot of great contributers and insights in their magazine that aren’t always discussed in Christian circles. But I always feel this conflict as I turn through the magazine and its the advertisements. They seem to conflict with the message spoken about.

In the gospels Jesus casts a vision for living in the kingdom of God which should overshadow such things as style and coolness. Yet the magazine seems to be full of people trying to make clothing in Jesus name that looks hip, cool and Relevant. While they are a step above the cliche shirts that have marked Christian chain stores, it still appeals to something outside the kingdom vision of Jesus. I think that there are people that want to follow Jesus but desperately want to cling on to their own identity rather than what Christ offers them. I want to follow Jesus but I don’t want to give up being trendy.

I think that being a kingdom follower of Jesus does involve clothes. However, it causes us to ask where the clothes were made and how the people were treated who made them. And I’m sure that there is so much untapped creativity that if instead of paying as little as possible for a slave made t-shirt or shoes (Nike is known for terrible working conditions) we could pony up a few more bucks to help someone get out of economic poverty and make a t-shirt rich in creativity and life.

I don’t mean to be down on creativity I just think that their is a primary question about the condition of the workers that we have to ask.

I guess that is the downside of having a magazine that relies upon advertisers support dollars. But it is also something I love about the internet because their web page in fact isn’t as full of all the advertisement crap that their magazine has.


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