Jesus for President Tour Makes CNN

30 Jun

Here is the official website.
Here is what CNN has to say.

“It’ll be a long time before we fight a war over used veggie oil,” says Claiborne with a sly smile.

I’m not sure of the practicalities of living off of vegetable oil but it is good to hear other minds dreaming of a different world that is possible.


One Response to “Jesus for President Tour Makes CNN”

  1. SOLOMON AZAR June 30, 2008 at 10:49 am #

    i had enough- i have now endured over 13 months on this net being ignored or deleted by every arrogant organization such as myspace and “we can solve it dot org” etc etc run by humans and just regular folk like you who have always ignored my messages since my time upon the net-

    WHY- because I introduce myself as a messenger of god- my free will to believe in my inner voice- your FREE WILL to ignore me even if I bring the gift of clean abundant energy to planet earth- Over 13 months as our soldiers fight for it- our planet dies by it- and our economy is about to collapse from it

    well i am done with your stupidity-

    let your oil prices go up- let your food prices go up- watch your economies crumble- see your jobs lost- get rid of all your pet animals as you cannot feed your family and pet dog as so many are giving them to the pound-

    I have come openly with a solution 13 months ago only to be ignored-

    now a gluttonous world playing on the internet shall all learn how primitive man is and must be civil to one another- instead of shunning someone bringing forth a solution- in the months to follow- you will learn there is no alternative fuel- panic mode will set in very soon-

    when you understand clearly how important energy is- i guess your arrogance will stop and just implement my scientific deeds – as for my messenger duties- it will make sense in time- all is well-

    time will tell

    solomon azar

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