McKnight’s thoughts on politicians using the religious right…

30 Jun

Disclaimer: As the election is coming up I am blogging through some thoughts that I have, articles that I read, and general cultural and religious reaction to election. Kind of new waters for me so I’ll try not to insert my foot in my mouth. I’m a firm believer in “power under” rather than “power over”. Meaning I know that we can focus on creating laws for my neighbor to obey to make my life more enjoyable for me, changing merely their exterior behavior, rather than practicing “power under” which focuses on serving and loving my neighbor to bring real transformation, yet this is much more difficult (I will also post in the future whether “power over” and “power under” can or must be separated or if it is even possible).

Scot McKnight, is an author and blogger who I have a pretty high view of because he is good about not getting trapped into either side of an argument. He has the ability to step back and make observations rather than accusations. He continues with some thoughts about Dobson/McCain/Obama in this post but then adds these thoughts/questions that are important to the conversation.

Has the religious right been had? Have the politicians running for office used their power and their numbers and their support? Does the fact that they ran on some of these conservative agendas and not doing much (or anything) about those agendas in DC suggest that they were disingenuous? That they, in general sided with that conservative viewpoint, but did not have the passion to carry it out in DC? Is their social conservatism in morals a mask for economic conservatism? Or is the political system/machine so complex that our elected representatives are unable to carry out their promises (whether Republication or Democrat)?


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