So I’m getting some new clothes…

17 Jul

Something that has been on my mind for a while are the clothes that I wear. Who makes them and how are the treated? I have checked out a few websites that talk about the working conditions of the people who make my clothes and other items. It makes it hard to by from Nike or want to go to Disneyland. I’ve recently stumbled onto two websites that make clothes.

Definitely more costly than getting a shirt from Target or Old Navy but you know everyone was treated well in the process and the funds are going towards helping people not only eat for a day but equip them with what they need to provide for themselves.

The first is Rosa Loves. They describe themselves this way: We are everyday people aware of a need in our community. We realize that we are capable of performing tangible acts of service that will meet individual and immediate needs in order to affect wide scale encouragement. Rosa Loves is an example, an inspiration, and will serve as a possible backbone to many more grassroots “love projects” around the world.

We hope to encourage individual people to get involved in the community around them on a somewhat tangible scale. We will accomplish this by providing financial support to those in need by infiltrating the t-shirt industry with a new perspective of how clothing can serve a purpose other than outfitting. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a need. By using art and creativity, we hope to foster hope and encouragement through the aid of apparel. Each story will be told through stimulating graphics and actual text that will appear on the inverse of the shirt directly in line with the heart, where the Rosa Loves movement stems from.

Rosa Loves is less about charity and more about awareness, awareness that we are all apart of something greater and are therefore joined by common threads.

The second is Toms Shoes.


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