How Walkable is Your Neighborhood

21 Jul

So there is this website called Walk Score that takes into consideration all of the neighboring businesses, parks, schools, libraries…etc…to let you know how walkable, translate enjoyable, your neighborhood is. Mine scored an 82 which makes it “very walkable.” However, I don’t think it takes into consideration the types of restaurants, bookstores or schools. I think it also neglects to weigh the crime rate or general safety of walking, even if your destination is only a half mile away. But it does seem like a helpful tool if you are considering a house or apartment so you can know the places that are closest to you.


One Response to “How Walkable is Your Neighborhood”

  1. Sarah July 23, 2008 at 1:04 am #

    I typed in our address in lodi and got a 91 out of 100, Walkers’ Paradise. However, Lodi and Stockton do differ alot as far as crime is concerned. The bad part of Lodi is like good Stockton…lol. Kidding. It would be nice if it took those things into consideration.

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