New Website Added to My Favorites

23 Jul

Greg Boyd’s website is now up. His thoughts have been incredibly helpful in helping me think through the differences between the Kingdom of Jesus and the Kingdoms of this World and the danger that happens when those two become one. It’s like what Tony Campolo has said, “When you mix church and state together it is like mixing ice cream and manure. It doesn’t really hurt the manure but it ruins the ice cream.” Boyd is a big believer in “power under” meaning that we are political in the way that we serve and love those we disagree with, bringing about transformation, rather than simply practicing “power over” and forcing them to adjust our lifestyle to make us happy.

For example he would say that a person who goes into a voting booth and votes anti-abortion once every for years isn’t necessarily pro-life (he would say that it is absolutely fine to vote your conscience and there is no shame in that) but the pro-life person is the one who gets involved in poverty (an aid in rising abortion rates), mentors younger people, or invites a pregnant teenager to move into their house and sticks with her as she has a baby and finishes her schooling so she can still have a bright future rather than getting stuck in a cycle of poverty in which she would think it unbearable to bring a child into that kind of world.


One Response to “New Website Added to My Favorites”

  1. Sarah July 23, 2008 at 8:06 pm #

    I agree. That is how I’ve always felt about Gay rights. I think that if Christians acted in love and served the gay community more, and harped on their lifestyle less, that we could bring them to truth and understanding of a loving God, instead of forcing beliefs through the political system, where it’s “us against them”.

    I’ll be sure to check out the website!

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