I hate giving in to popular stuff…

3 Aug

There is a character flaw in me that whenever something becomes popular I don’t really want to be associated with it. I held off reading Purpose Driven Life because I felt like it was a very well ran marketing scheme and I had a very untrue caricature of Rick Warren (later I would find out that he takes no salary for his pastorate and all of the profit from his books go to helping AID’s patients in Africa).
I almost got sick of hearing about Rob Bell (even though I don’t know of a better communicator whether you agree with him or not) as he was becoming more and more popular with his NOOMA’s but there are enough people who really don’t like him that I think I’ll stick around. Plus his church is one of the more missional Church’s in America (no easy feat for a megachurch).

I have a rational/irrational perception of popular mainstream Christianity. All that to say that I have held off reading The Shack because so many people seem to be gushing about it. But I think I’m going to give in. Anybody read it yet?

Here are some reveiws both positive and negative:
Ben Witherington
Emergent Village
<a href=”“>Jay Leno
Stuff Christians Like
Greg Boyd
<a href=”“>Mark Driscoll


One Response to “I hate giving in to popular stuff…”

  1. Sarah August 10, 2008 at 1:28 pm #

    Rob, I think that you’re being prideful, and I will be praying over my Prayer of Jabez (TM), commemorative pocket stone for you in hopes of your being saved from your wicked ways…
    I’m with you, I tend to flee from anything that is “all the rage” though I have been surprised by a few things. The worst is when you discover something and love it, and then 2 seconds later EVERYONE loves it. It takes some of the excitement out of it!

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