14 Aug

So the election is coming. Millions of people are picking sides as to who they want to run the government. All the while pouring emotional energy and cash donations to make sure their candidate wins because he will fix things. I’m about as neutral as you get. I don’t expect the government to do what the church should be doing so I’m not panicking about who is going to get into office. If the Church believes and acts as it should believe and act things will be ok. It was ok in Rome for 200 years as a much more pagan Rome was in power and the Church exploded from 20,000 to 300,000,000 people in two hundred years and it was ok in China when the state kicked out all Christian missionary presence and the church grew from 2,000,000 to 60,000,000+ in about two hundred years.

But it is still interesting to sit back and make observations about how candidates are represented by the other side. McCain is kind of boring so not to many people are doing things with him but Barak is getting all kinds of comparisons:

Ok, let’s compare Obama to Brittany and Paris

No, let’s compare him to the Anti-Christ: I seriously already have received an email from a friend that had content that Obama may be the Anti-Christ. So I typed in “Snopes Obama Anti-Christ” and suprise, suprise there it is on Snopes (a page that deals with email urban legends…aka…things that have no truth to them).

No, let’s just pray that it rains on him (Focus has since pulled this off their site and have said that it was done in humor. I can respect having a good time…but…they have said that they are praying for rain as long as no one gets hurt)


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