Donald Miller and Prayer

3 Sep

Donald Miller gave the prayer at the Democratic National Convention. I always have mixed feelings or Christianity getting mixed up in supporting candidates as if a new politician is going to bring about change by using “power over” (policies, laws) that can only be brought about by “power under” (a church serving, loving and sacrificing as the body of Jesus). However, I liked the way that Miller spoke/prayed and although you can’t help but feel that he supports Obama by being there, he didn’t make the claim that Obama or any political party is the “Christian” way to vote.


One Response to “Donald Miller and Prayer”

  1. ubahleeob September 3, 2008 at 2:40 pm #

    I have always liked DM — but I thought the prayer took on a decidedly partisan tone. “Lord, help us find a way to pay for universal healthcare … help us regain our standing in the world, people don’t like us…. let us find a way to deal with corporate greed … ” I don’t know, just struck me as partisan, and I don’t think prayer is supposed to be partisan. But didn’t he look good, looks like Don has switched to light beer.

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