Jesus Wants to Save Christians

3 Sep

Just saw that there is a website out devoted to Jesus Wants to Save Christians that is about to be released. On it are some sample chapters and audio clips.

There are definitely some themes that echo Shane Claibornes book Jesus for President. Which is interesting because Claiborne gained much of his understanding of Pharaoh and Caesar after interacting with Mars Hill. But nevertheless both Bell and Claiborne are not necessarily saying anything new, they are just saying it in a user friendly way. They are not addressing new things but highlighting something that much of Western Christianity has ignored. They are addressing areas of compromise that has come with nearly 2,000 years of Christiandom. It will be interesting to see the backlash towards them that comes with this. From social gospel, to heritic, to communist, to liberal the accusations will come. The great thing is that I don’t think either of these authors really care.

I once heard Bell say of his critics, “Generally lurking below some of the more venomous, vitriolic criticism is somebody who’s created a facade that’s not working…But I love everybody and you’re next!” he says, giggling. “That’s how I respond to criticism.”

What I appreciate about the book is that it is couched in narrative theology. Narrative theology is the opposite of 5 purposes or self help. It is about looking at the biblical story and following the characters, themes, interactions, and direction that a topic, theme or teaching is going in God’s overall plan and then finding your place in that story.

So if you have time check out his sample chapters. They take like 9 minutes to read because they are written in the style that Bell speaks in.

This drives some people crazy.

And some people




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