Teaching at Crosswalk

2 Oct

So I’m teaching next Sunday at Crosswalk. Nothing builds up as much inner turmoil in me as teaching from the bible. I have a bunch of stuff going on within me as I prepare.

-Am I doing this for my fame or God’s? Between teaching and leading in music (I say music because everything should be worship in my mind) there is no more tempting place to mistake applause for God to be applause for self or to direct applause towards self rather than God.
-Am I getting the story right or just talking about a God that is a bigger version of me? This is tough because Crosswalk is very topical…which is good and bad. It allows us to knowingly or unknowingly skip a lot of the tough teachings in the bible (although I have to give up to Brad that he took on a lot of tough topics in the “They Like Jesus but Not the Church” series).
-How can I explain this is a way that sticks in someone’s mind? Jesus spoke 1/3 of the time in stories and constantly drew upon his surroundings in a concrete way to talk about God. What drives me crazy is that people who claim to be the most passionate about the authority of scriptures and Jesus’ teaching don’t teach anything like him.
-Does this message have integrity? By this question I don’t necessarily expect to have the topic mastered in my life but that I am being transformed in my study of it. This is why I will rarely teach off the cuff. Aside from sounding repetitive, encouraging the tendency to exaggerate and saying things that cause me to wake up with a preachers hangover the next day, I like to work on talks at least a month in advance which allows me to to grow no matter what the subject is which allows me to confess my weakness but express baby steps I’m taking. I’ve heard it said that if you preach from your weaknesses you’ll never run out of material and you’ll never lose their attention.


2 Responses to “Teaching at Crosswalk”

  1. Jamie Stavenger October 2, 2008 at 4:44 pm #

    I wish I could be there to hear it. Podcast?

  2. admin October 2, 2008 at 5:00 pm #

    Hey Jamie! I try to keep our 2030s page updated with talks from Crosswalk: http://2030s.blogspot.com. I have a talk on their called Jesus and the Mango that was pretty fun. Sorry to hear that the Twins didn’t make the playoffs. But my Dodgers are in and we are up 1 – 0 over the Cubs!

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