This Really Exists (unless it is a fake website)

9 Oct

If Jesus wasn’t resurrected from the dead he would be rolling in his grave right about now.

Drinks and Clothes

In Matthew 26:26-27 Jesus talks about his body being broken and his blood poured out. We celebrate this in an event called the Lord’s Supper, communion, mass. Another name is called Eucharist (See Jesus Wants to Save Christians). It is a Latin word in which Eu=good and Chariszmo=to grant or to give. The Eucharist is a celebration of Christ’s body broken and his blood spilled out. It transcends hip, cool, trendy, relevant, glossy and stylish. It cannot be inserted into a bulletin or be turned into a program (how I wish it could).

I’m sure these people have good intentions (or better yet because I don’t know them I don’t know their heart). From what I understand the church as the body of Christ is to be a living Eucharist. We are always looking for opportunities to be body broken and blood spilled. I’m trying not vent but it seems that when I read Matthew 6, Jesus seems to say that as we pursue the kingdom of God our clothes and food will be supplied rather than us designing clothes and energy drinks to advance the kingdom of God.

$44 dollars for a Christian shortsleeve t-shirt. I’d rather buy one from for $25 in which all of the profits will benefit those who need a roof over their head and clean water to drink.


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