The Blue Parakeet

15 Oct

I posted that this book was on its way a couple days ago and it has finally arrived…brilliant!

Often when I read books it becomes clear to me the kind of person that is writing. There is the clearly one-dimensional writer who writes from a stance of fear. That is they believe that everyone else has got it wrong and it is their job to correct everyone or show them the errors of their ways. Then there are writers that exude wisdom. You can tell that they have made plenty of mistakes and faulty assumptions in their past but they have become aware of them, embraced them and learned from them. Scot McKnight is one of those writers to me and his book The Blue Parakeet on “rethinking how you read the bible” would be one of those that if I possessed the gift of time travel I would give to myself the day I picked up the scriptures for the first time.

Good stuff…check it out.


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