Election Stuff…

17 Oct

As we get closer the discussions become more frequent, louder and one-sided…but not always.
Here are some links considering the upcoming election. Again, personally I do not get worked up about politics. I know that how I live will speak volumes compared to filling in a circle. Also, I want to be sure to say that I don’t disrespect those who work in politics (I probably don’t say that enough).

My frustration is that political arguments are often as closed minded as religious arguments so I tend to stay away from both. If Christians lived like Jesus they wouldn’t have to fight so much in “attempting to take America back for God.” And I always feel a bit dodgy when people talk about we want to restore things to how they used to be. Unless you are willing to be honest about “manifest destiny”, slavery and lack of women’s right…we probably shouldn’t talk about the good old days.

The Wobbly Political Theology of Sarah Palin

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Palin for Fey: A Visual Quiz

An Evangelical Voter’s Guide by Ben Witherington

Ten Reasons that this election should be about issues and not personality – Jim Wallis

Why McLaren is Voting for Obama

Emo for Obama


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