2 t-shirts and a thought

22 Oct

Just a thought. As a Christian which t-shirt would you feel more comfortable wearing during a Sunday morning service? A shirt that claims that country is worthy of our first allegiance or a shirt that promotes a scandalous grace to someone who is a terrorist and calls us to respond not evil for evil but to overcome evil with good (that tells us to bless and do not curse)? It might be hard to process but if the Osama shirt disgusts you then you might need to rip out half of your New Testament that God used Paul (former middle-eastern terrorist) to write.

This tension helps me understand the dilemma that the early Christians had with Paul. He was responsible for persecution and murder of their fellow believers and now he is involved in scripture? Tough situation. What if Osama converted and wrote devotional books…imagine the tension. Welcome to the early church.

It’s no wonder Shane Claiborne calls it a “scandalous enemy-love.”


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