Keel and Dobson

25 Oct

How should you talk about the candidates if you are a Christian and when people hear your name they associate you with the church?

So often in a religious culture the driving force or tool is fear.
…if we don’t act now…
…the world is following apart…
…if we don’t do or vote how I think we should do or vote all will be lost…

I can respect people who have a point of view have weighed the options and share with others how they are voting. I just have a hard time when they start demonizing the opposition.

If you have a second check out the ways and differences in ways that Tim Keel and James Dobson (4 years later) talk about politics.


One Response to “Keel and Dobson”

  1. JC October 27, 2008 at 2:37 pm #

    Hey I got a letter from the future apparently it was from the same person that wrote the letter to dobson…. I posted it on my site, you should check it out.

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