I think Christians should whisper in public…

31 Oct

So I’m sitting in a coffee shop listening to two Christians talking. Not in a conversational tone that you would have to strain to hear. They aren’t screaming either but speaking loud enough for people at the surrounding tables to hear clearly. As I listen it is like they are speaking in this weird code language. Not only are they quoting verses from the first century, which can sound odd, but they seem to be strongly mixing in their denominations view into the scriptures.

As I sit at the table and listen I am able to figure out what they are trying to say and there are moments that they say some very insightful true things. Things that would be good for others to hear. The only problem is that I’m on the inside and get it while anyone on the outside has got to be scratching their head. Tongues, rapture, Revelations 11:8 “slain body’s lay in the street…that’s end-times baby.”

I think Christians should learn to whisper…


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