Random Quotes From Blogs

8 Nov

Not so much funny quotes but ones that get me thinking…

Paul* was first of all a missionary, an organizer of far-flung little communities around the Mediterranean* that united clusters of disparate people in the startling confession that God had raised a crucified man, Jesus, from the dead and thus initiated a new age in which the whole world was to be transformed. – Richard Hays’ The Moral Vision of the New Testament

Jesus’s teaching consistently attracted the irreligious while offending the Bible-believing, religious people of his day. However, in the main, our churches today do not have this effect. The kind of outsiders Jesus attracted are not attracted to contemporary churches, even our most avant-garde ones. We tend to draw conservative, buttoned-down, moralistic people. The licentious and liberated or the broken and marginal avoid church. That can only mean one thing. If the preaching of our ministers and the practice of our parishioners do not have the same effect on people that Jesus had, then we must not be declaring the same message that Jesus did. If our churches aren’t appealing to younger brothers, they must be more full of elder brothers than we’d like to think.

Tim Keller in The Prodigal God, 14-15.

Cross-love is the primary, dynamic test of whether or not we have understood the gospel word and experienced its power. Not our doctrinal orthodoxy, as important as that is. Not our ingenious strategizing, as fascinating as that is. Not our commitment to preaching, as vital as that is. It is our cross-love for each other that proclaims the truth of the gospel to a watching and skeptical world. Our love for one another, to the extent that it imitates and conforms to the cross-love of Jesus for us, is evangelistic.

Tim Chester and Steve Timmis, Total Church: A Radical Reshaping around Gospel and Community , 56-57.

Lord, may my desires change to your desires.

Lord, if a desire is good and profitable,
give me grace to fulfill it to your glory.
But if it be hurtful and injurious to my soul’s health,
then remove it from my mind.

– Thomas a Kempis

As genuine human beings, from Genesis 1 onward, we are given the mandate of looking after creation, of bringing order to God’s world, of establishing and maintaining communities. To suppose that we are saved, as it were, for our own private benefit, for the restoration of our own relationship with God (vital though that is!), and for our eventual homecoming and peace in heaven (misleading though that is!) is like a boy being given a baseball bat as a present and insisting that since it belongs to him, he must always and only play with it in private. But of course you can only do what you’re meant to do with a baseball bat when you’re playing with other people. And salvation only does what it’s meant to do when those who have been saved, are being saved, and will one day fully be saved realize that they are saved not as souls but as wholes and not for themselves alone but for what God now longs to do through them.
-N.T. Wright from his book Surprised by Hope (pg. 199-200)

Make me hate evil and cling to that which is good.
Take from me my heart of stone
and give me a heart of flesh.
Deliver me from my idols.
Take from me the love of sin.
Put your Spirit within me,
and cause me to walk in your way.
– F.B. Meyer

‘Concepts create idols; only wonder comprehends anything.’ – St. Gregory of Nyssa

My idea of God is not a divine Idea. It has to be shattered time after time. He shatters it Himself. He is the great iconoclast. Could we not almost say that this shattering is one of the marks of His presence….all reality is iconoclastic – C.S.Lewis A Grief Observed


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