7 days in the sack…

25 Nov

So Ed Young at Fellowship church challenged those in his congregation to take back sex and put it in the rightful place of marriage. What’s very funny is as I was just typing that sentence I look up at the screen at the coffee shop that I am in and I see a Hooters commercial playing. Funny.

Young’s challenge is for his congregation to to have sex for 7 straight days. I have mixed feelings about his approach. He would claim that this isn’t a publicity stunt but…it is all over the news. Maybe because sex is always hush hush in church and this is an exception to that. But it may also be because Fellowship Church is a media machine. There Sunday morning gatherings draw in 20,000 people on Sundays. They are very intentional about what they do and how others perceive it in my mind.

I’m interested to hear about how single people in the congregation feel. I’m interested in how the wife who feels that this is the only kind of marital intimacy her husband wants and now hears it endorsed by the pastor so she almost has to. I wonder about the men who are hooked on pornography and the disappointments they will have because their wife will never meet their expectations. I wonder about the older mature couples who are struggling with this issues because of what happens to their bodies as they age.

Couldn’t you talk about the goodness of sexuality without the spectacle of the 7 day sex romp? I imagine you could.

Here are a couple links to what others think of the series here, here and here.


2 Responses to “7 days in the sack…”

  1. JC November 25, 2008 at 10:40 am #

    Hey Rob, nowhere in his sentance did he say have sex with your wife for 7 days….

  2. JC November 25, 2008 at 10:40 am #

    That last one was a joke…

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