Bell on Chocolate Jesus

5 Dec

Check out Rob Bell’s thoughts on art. Here are some excerpts:

“I would argue that if you need to add a label to it, than you have missed its inherent goodness in the first place. So when people tack ‘Christian’ as an adjective onto things, it’s a misunderstanding of Genesis—that creation is already blessed, it doesn’t need your adjectives or labels to somehow make it blessed.”

“It is easy to use the pen to destroy, to tear apart, to shatter and shred. Or the pen can be used to rescue and redeem and elevate and inspire. And part of that may involve shredding to pieces so that you can build something new.”

“Anybody who would protest a sculpture without understanding anything about it, that has nothing to do with being a Christian. This is somebody with no character or integrity. This is somebody living at the edges, this is somebody with no center, this is somebody who is consumed by fear and suspicion. If you make a ruckus about something of which you know nothing, that’s just poor humanity.”


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