The Black Hole that I Call Sunday Afternoons

21 Jun

Sunday’s are always weird days for for me. At least after 1pm.

The day usually begins with my alarm or the rising sun waking me up at 5am. At that point I proceed to lay in bed until around 5:15. I usually go over the Sunday morning talk out loud in my room at that time before my roommates wake up. The past two Sunday’s I’ve actually prayed during that time rather than going over the talk out loud. Trying to rely a little bit less on myself in my talks. It’s scary but not going over the talk on Sunday in the morning hasn’t left me blank when speaking before others.

After that time around 6:00 or 6:15 I hop in the shower, try to find clean clothes and do a check of all the things that I am supposed to have with me for that morning. Bible, PP clicker, tape, notes, memory stick, computer, other things that I need to hand out to others…

Around 7:15 I am out the door. I try to grab some coffee since we don’t have any at our service on Sunday mornings. We are currently serving lemonade and some variety of doughnut for breakfast. I have a slight addiction to caffein and I develop a headache by 11 if there isn’t any in my system.

I arrive at UOP around 8:15 where we are currently meeting. About 15 minutes before they are supposed to let us in. I just sit and enjoy the scenery.

At 8:30 the atmosphere team shows up and we get in the building and it is a technological scramble of uploading material onto their computer, hoping that things are compatible and making other technical changes. I don’t worry a bit about set up outside of that as there is an awesome group of people who take care of everything else:)

10:00 means that we begin the service: announcements; cup O’ questions; music; speaking and dismissal.

That brings us to around 11:15 with cleanup ending around 11:30. We usually grab lunch as a group downtown and spend more time with each other. Lunch typically is over with around 1:00pm.

At this point it has been a full day and I am done. My mind is pretty much out of it for at least 5-6 hours. It’s kind of frustrating. I want to continue to be productive for the rest of the day considering that either Saturday or Monday is my Sabbath. But it seems like I just shut down for a bit.

Maybe I need a earlier bedtime on Saturdays? 12:30am was pretty late for 5am wake up.
Maybe I need to practice the art of celebration? Although I have a ton of fun and find great value in pulling off a Sunday service it can be draining. Good stuff happens and I can lose track of that in all the doing.
Maybe I need a post service exercise routing? I could go for a walk or jog…maybe a swim with the warm weather.

Until I figure it out I guess I’ll just consider Sunday’s from 1pm-7pm as some sort of black hole.


3 Responses to “The Black Hole that I Call Sunday Afternoons”

  1. Sarah June 21, 2009 at 9:21 pm #

    I think it’s normal. Have you tried taking a nap after, but limiting yourself as to how long you can rest? I have issues sleeping at night, so some days I have no energy, but if I allow myself a nap, and then make myself get things done, then it’s much better.

    I agree that you probably should go to bed a little bit early. Maybe also try making sure you have everything you need the night before, that way you can avoid the mad rush to get out the door! Have clothes ready, all of your little stuff in one place, and maybe invest in a programmable coffee maker, so the coffee is ready when you get up!

  2. Jamie Stavenger June 23, 2009 at 7:38 am #

    I always felt like I had a spiritual hangover after leading worship. You could pretty much count me out the rest of the day!

  3. admin June 25, 2009 at 5:07 pm #

    “Spiritual hangover” is the appropriate word for sure. I might try going for a light jog of swim afterward in combination with a nap to see if I can recover quicker!

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