Tim Keller and Renew

21 Nov

Time and time again I am impressed with the work of Tim Keller. Sometimes it is his thoughts provided during his teaching. At other times it is his ability to listen to and earn the respect of those who he might disagree with and those who might disagree with him. I appreciate his unwillingness to turn other people’s thoughts into Strawmen arguments and then flex his muscles before his congregation like many do. Lately, it has been his leadership in a megachurch sized congregation and how they are resisting the urge to build up and focus on the gifts of a few to building out and focusing on the gifts of all. And keeps me coming back time and time again to learn from them is that they are genuinely a church that loves their city well and is willing to adjust their comfort level to make that happen.

They are on a ten year plan for something called Renew. You can check out the details here. And while Ecclesia isn’t in a state of being huge and losing people in the crowd, I do hope that as we grow we can constantly remind and shape our community in such a way that everyone understands their place and where they are a gift to the community and not just people who absorb the gifts of a few.

Check out video’s below in regards to what he said to his congregation/staff.
Also, check this link for the sermons in regard to this new vision.

Tim talks about the Renew Campaign from Redeemer Video on Vimeo.

Vision – Staff Talk from Redeemer Video on Vimeo.


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