I wish you a “merry Christmas” with my life but if I buy something and you say “happy holidays” I’m ok with that too…

19 Dec

I’m sitting here on my Sabbath finally enjoying a day of rest. There are just several shopping days left in which people can get in lines and purchase gifts for people that they love enjoying anything but rest. But for some Christians there is a war on Christmas. Why? Is it because of the rampant consumerism tied to the name of Jesus? Is it because the birth of the savior is connected towards a season in which we buy objects with no concern for the working conditions of the people in third world countries that are making the items that we buy? Is it because the birth of Jesus which is God is identifying with the poor, marginalized, outcasts and putting God in the flesh to identify with us and practice unmistakable enemy love is a cheap phrase uttered because we made a cash purchase?

No, in fact it is the opposite. Many have said that there is a cultural war on Christmas because retailers or business’ will not attach Jesus’ name to a a consumer worship event. Commercial’s like this have been yanked from the air because it attaches Christmas to several other names that people in our culture use to celebrate a consumer worship event:

One group, the liberty council has even created a naughty and nice list based on companies use of the word Christmas in their advertising.

Here is why I do not care what a store says to me when I spend money: My culture is ok with me living out the implications of the incarnation: I can love the poor, identify with the outcast, put myself in the shoes of others and learn from them and I can demonstrate radical enemy love. What my culture won’t do is give me a religious high five or Christian gimmie during a consumer worship event.

Jesus wasn’t born December 25th, so whatever stores may say they can never take away from the church the incarnation. It is only the church that can forget to live and breath the story of a God that dived into the darkness of a fallen broken world and redeem it. No store, business executive or opinion polls can take that from the church. To complain about the “war on Christmas” is to take the cheap way out of living out the incarnation.

So grateful for the community of Ecclesia and the practice of the Advent Conspiracy to recognize that the Christmas story is our story to tell and not the chain stores.


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