Matthew 4

4 Feb

Continuing going through the book of Matthew one chapter a day with one thought for the day. Today is round two of Matthew chapter 4. For previous post see here. I’ll be teaching on this at Ecclesia February 14th:

Matthew 4:4Jesus answered, “It is written: …”

7Jesus answered him, “It is also written:…”

10Jesus said to him…For it is written:

Matthew chapter 4 shifts from Jesus’ baptism to his temptation in the desert. There are a lot of directions that this post could go in. I could talk about Jesus being the new Israel. I could talk about him overcoming the temptation in the desert while Adam failed his temptation in the garden. I could talk about the rich history of the desert wanderings…and I’m sure I will when I get to talk for 35 minutes. But I want to put all those things aside for a moment and make one observation. When Jesus faced temptation he answered with scripture.

One of the things that we are challenging people at Ecclesia to do is the read through the book of Matthew once a month for three years and to memorize a verse a week. Do we quiz people who come into the Sunday gathering? No. Do we quiz people who are in our journaling communities? No. Do we quiz people in our Villages before they can join? No. Do we quiz people on our Advocate/leadership team? No.

But the truth is that everyday we are quizzed. Everyday we face a thousand different temptations to be pulled away from God. And the role of scripture, or one of the roles, is to root us within the story of the redeeming, loving, counter-cultural story of God. And rooting ourselves in that story is what helps us find our place and role in the world/country/state/city/family/community that we find ourselves in.

The truth is that we are being quizzed in a thousand different ways to see if we have rooted ourselves deep within the narrative of Jesus birth, life, death and resurrection.


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