Who has the final word on you?

8 Apr

Going off of yesterday’s post looking at Matthew 7 and confronting someone who you believe is in the wrong made me think of this video that I recently saw of Tiger Woods ran by Nike. I’m rooting for Tiger, not as a golfer, but as a man to find restoration for himself and his family. I’ve tried to pay as little attention to the Tiger Woods scandal as possible because I think we have a stupid celebrity culture. We love to build people up and give them power and influence for their talents over character and then we absolutely love to see them crumble, self destruct, fail and somehow we feel better about ourselves in the process. No thank you. I’ll pass on that way of seeing the world and myself.

But it made me think of what I would want said to me when I fail and we all fail. I know it is a Nike commercial and their bottom line is the dollar but I was moved by the pathos of a father speaking to a son. It makes me think of whose voice do I hear in my failures? Do I hear the voice of grace and compassion which allows me to be honest about my struggles or do I hear the voice of condemnation and shame which forces me deeper into a private world?

I would submit that one of the purposes of the church is to be a group of people that make the voice of God in our failures tangible. That we are surrounded by people who are going to walk us through our faults that we can almost audibly hear the voice of God forgiving. But I don’t think a lot of faith communities are like this. I think to often we take on celebrity culture mentality in which we put a lot of stock in individuals and then we love to crucify them with our words when they fall short and we incorporate it into the church.

So surround yourself with people who speak words of grace. Because if you do, you can be honest about yourself. And when you are honest with yourself you can be whole.


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