26 May

So last week I caught a plane from Virgina at 5am (2am pacific) and flew to San Diego where Bryan Nathan picked me up at the airport. I joined up with our team that drove down to Mexico on Thursday. We worked with an organization called Casa Builders and our specific project was to work the housing location for the future orphanage on site. So here are my top ten thoughts on the trip in no particular order.

#1 Mexico wasn’t scary. I can’t tell you the amount of people who were extremely concerned about this trip being dangerous. It wasn’t. Felt completely safe the whole time. I understand that people were concerned for their loved ones but no worry was necessary.

#2 The incident with the birdnest. All I can say is that I didn’t know. And for all those there that were judging me…you were willing to let me do your dirty work.

#3 I slept awesome. Thanks to Richard Dietrich for letting me use his super slim air cushion. I didn’t use the first night because it was too full but I did the second. Slept great both nights.

#4 I did in fact build a better mouse trap.

#5 Arguing with Girardo as to who was going first (premiera) or second (secunda) in regards to our pull up challenge.

#6 My wicked nasty curveball while playing whiffleball and how I left Mike Z. and Richard baffled.

#7 That Jenny while sawing didn’t loose any of her fingers. She came with 10 and left with 10.

#8 Learning some plumming skills and how to glue and work with PVC pipe thanks to the Nathan brother’s and Keith.

#9 Eating the “Widow Maker” with Mike Z and watching Richard and Keith conquer their 8″ tall sandwiches. We were all “more than conquerers”.

#10 The American national team defeating the Mexican national team 10-8 (Diez-Ocho) and scoring 7 goal. I did feel like vomiting in the end.

#10 Getting home in time for the Lost finale. Whatever you thought of it. We now have closure…kind of.


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