I know what I’m doing this summer…

31 May

So I spent Saturday afternoon enjoying my sabbath and sketching out what I would like to do this summer. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Excercise 5 days a week. That could be taking up P90X if my back feels good/jogging/walking. Something that keeps me active an hour a day Mon-Fri.

2. Two week vacation. Head up to the parents cabin and just disconnect from the local scene for two weeks. I’ll do lots of reading and writing…which I could do at home but there is something about being gone that helps me disconnect from day to day stuff and focus.

3. Finish 3 sermons a week. That would put me at 24 sermons by the time July is over. They don’t have to be polished but need to be fully thought out. That will leave me with all of Aug-December done and gives me a lot of flexibility to focus on our Villages (Missional Communities) during the week.

4. Integrate the Lifeshapes into my mind and discipleship rhythm. In case you haven’t heard of Lifeshapes I’ll be posting on them in the future. I’m really liking how they can memorably create a discipleship culture.

5. Practice proximity. I want to find 5 different “third places” in Stockton to hang out and get to know the downtown area of Stockton better.

6. Hang out with 16 facebook friends and grab some food. Basically, if you are my Facebook friend I want to see your face this summer.

7. Fix my scooter and ride it everywhere local.

8. Go to Santa Cruz. That place is good for me…I can just tell it is.

9. Plan out 4 memorable Sabbath’s on Saturday when I turn my mind/creative/writing/planning/strategy side off.

10. Go to Denver and teach at the “UnConference” in June.

I think that is doable in 8 months?


One Response to “I know what I’m doing this summer…”

  1. admin June 1, 2010 at 9:23 pm #

    whoops, make that 8 weeks. Thanks for correcting me Bryan.

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