Why Christianity must not be cool…

5 Jul

Brett McCracken is coming out with a book called Hipster Christianity. In it he doesn’t say that if one is cool that one can’t be Christian just that they are fundamental opposites in nature. While a church can strive for coolness and that may be appealing to a certain crowd, you can just about assure yourself that Jesus won’t be in attendance. He juxtaposes attributes of “cool” and “Christianity” below:

Cool: Self-obsessed
Christianity: Selfless

Cool: Vain/narcissistic
Christianity: Giving/altruistic

Cool: Self-sovereignty
Christianity: Submitting to God

Cool: Exclusive club
Christianity: Inclusive/open to all

Cool: Elitist/arrogant
Christianity: Humble

Cool: Alienating
Christianity: Inviting

Cool: Transient
Christianity: Transcendent

Cool: Focused on Now
Christianity: Eternal

Cool: Style is king
Christianity: Substance is king

Cool: Cutthroat
Christianity: Trustworthy

Cool: Ironic
Christianity: Earnest

Cool: Hedonism championed
Christianity: Asceticism/sacrifice championed


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