Viral Hope

12 Jul

If you haven’t read Viral Hope yet then it should be the next book you read. In the past year I’ve met 15 of the authors of this book. That’s 30% of the 50 authors who wrote it. Previously, I’ve only met one author of one other book I read. So when this not only do they read the words but I feel like they take on another tone as I imagine the person who I know penning these words.

The book is by 50 practitioners of gospel. 50 different people trying to figure out what the good news of Jesus looks like when it breaks into their neighborhood. It seems like I spent the majority of my first few years as a follower of Jesus thinking that the good news actually took place when you died. However, Viral Hope, is full of people who believe the good news is eternally significant but also immediately present.

You can find it at Ecclesia on Sunday nights or on Amazon.

Oh yeah, JR Woodward the editor will be speaking at Ecclesia on Sunday night sharing about Hope.


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