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The Poverty of Love

12 May

I recently heard the phrase “the poverty of love.” Immediately when I heard the word “poverty” my mind drifted towards the image of a person in need. It conjured up images of someone hungry, thirsty and without shelter. I thought of a neglected overlooked soul.

But as I ran the words through my head again I began to visualize it in a different way. What if this wasn’t a person who didn’t have but a person who realized how much they had? What if this person instead of being in need was a person who’s life was overflowing into others? Love was a force that was causing them to give themselves away. They did not see their time, talents or treasures as items terminating ultimately upon themselves but opportunities to invest in others.

Love is one of those things that demands a response from us. It is often painful and costly demanding at sometimes the greatest cost. Love isn’t a warm fuzzy feeling that speaks of what makes us feel good. Our use of love is often reduced to the things that make us happy. I feel like the scriptures point to a different picture of the way love is given and received. Love is an expression of something or someone that we are laying down our life for. Yet it is one of those ironic things that when we learn to give ourselves away that joy, trust and hope seem to catch up with us in the end.

I think that we are often like that Far Side cartoon that has a caption saying “school for the gifted” where there is a boy pulling on a door that says “push.” We constantly do and say things in an effort to feel complete, safe and loved. And in the process many of the good gifts of God become things that we abuse, distort and in the process turn into idols because we are trying to get from them what only God can give us. And the idols return the favor abusing and distorting us. The gifts of God are great servants but they are vengeful gods if we let them rule us.

I think that even to begin to give ourselves away we have to know that we are loved in the first place. I have a deep rooted conviction that the more I am finding my value and worth in Christ the less I am looking to find value in things. And when we do have those moments that we realize that value is not earned but given by God it puts things in perspective. Titles, people, possessions often become unveiled and we see them for what they are. When I know where my worth comes from I can resist being a workoholic because my value doesn’t come from a job title or a kind of car I drive.

To quote my friend Tony who quoted C.S. Lewis the other night, “we have this fear that God wants to take away the things we love when he really just wants to take away the things we hate, we just aren’t aware of it yet.”

What if the poverty of love is simply the description of a person who has the ability to give themselves away? When I know that I am loved I can give myself away.


This just in…Alarm System

3 Apr


Since my neighbors door got kicked in at 10:30am I figured that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have some sort of alarm system. It’s a really basic system that makes it just a bit more inconvenient to rob a house. Now I just need a sticker on the outside of my door to let people know it is there before they kick down my door.

Photo’s From the Past Couple Days

3 Feb


Wratchet in a box

18 Jan


I woke up this morning and found that Wratchet had jumped up on the fridge and crammed himself in a plastic case that holds our bottled waters. Classic Wratchet.

My Facebook Social Profile

30 Dec

So on Facebook there is an option where you can compare people. It seems to be a form for ranking people. I’m not sure how healthy or good of a thing it is to rank people. Hence, why my myspace page only has charities as my top friends. There is an interesting option that allows you to see how others rank you. So without further adieu here are what my friends think of me with my comments next to how accurate I think they are:

Standing among friends Compare People
1st in “Who is more famous”-Surprising, maybe because I do announcements at Crosswalk and teach on Thursday nights.
1st in “Who is more powerful”-I think this is too high. I’m more athletically aggressive than powerful.
1st in “Who has a better body”-enough said.
1st in “Who is more organized”-I am very strategically disorganized to where if someone hung out with me they would see that I am going in a hundred different directions in my head but I am good at bringing different things together at the right time to appear like I got it together.
1st in “Who would I rather get stuck in handcuffs with”-hmmm…
1st in “Who is braver”-I’m down with being risky for those who are abandoned but that is pretty much the extent of my bravery.
1st in “Who has better taste in music”-I would say that like music from all different decades but am very slow to keep up with current releases.

2nd in “Who is smarter”-I love to learn and see different perspectives. I feel bad for people who shoot off their mouths.
2nd in “Who is more confident”-I think that finding that my identity in Christ allows me to not listen to voices that say I’m not good enough, smart enough, attractive enough, funny enough,…
2nd in “Who is nicer”-I like people. I think we have been incredible value by God. I don’t feel like I am nice enough however.
2nd in “Who would make a better father”-Bring it on!

3rd in “Who is more useful”-I suppose in some areas.
3rd in “Who more likely to succeed”-depends on what success looks like.
3rd in “Who is more tech-savvy”-I am very tech-savy when it comes to superficial stuff. I have no patience to learn the intricate detailed computer-technology stuff.
3rd in “Who is more trustworthy”-thanks.
3rd in “Who is funnier”-I have my moments.

5th in “Who is crazier”-I have my moments.

7th in “Who is a happier person”-Would have thought this would be higher. I have a dry humor and at times am a bit sarcastic. Maybe I will smile more.

8th in “Who has a better smile”-maybe not. I do have British teeth.
8th in “Who has a better sense of humor”-I guess funny and sense of humor are not the same thing?
8th in “Who is more loyal”-Bummer but true. I’m spread pretty thin with two jobs and school full time and being a bookaholic. It makes it hard to always be there.

9th in “Who has a better profile picture”-True, it needs work.
9th in “Who is more adventurous”-Huh? Brave #1 and Crazy #5 and I’m only #9 for Adventurous? Be consistent people!
9th in “Who is cuter”-True, I’m not a head turner.
9th in “Who more likely to skip class”-I did not miss a day of school from 7th grade through my freshman year of college (7years)

10th in “Who is more punctual”-Rubbish. I am on time every time.
10th in “Who is cooler”-True, neither do I attempt to be.

14th in “Who is better at science”-While I may be a little rusty I excelled in science and math.

17th in “Who is more fashionable”-No argument here.

10 Ten Reasons Amy is Spoiled: According to Amy

25 Dec


Here is a special blog devoted to Amy Wygant, my roomates girlfriend. Enjoy!

#10-I get everything I want!
#9-I usually get my way!
#8-Pouting always works…except with Steve.
#7-Steve’s Parents got me better presents than they got him!
#6-My friends support me cause I’m always broke!
#5-People are terrified of disappointing me!
#4-I receive all expense paid vacation to Disneyland with my friends (thanks to Steve who was only a friend at the time…yeah right)!
#3-One call to my dad can fix any financial or automotive problem!
#2-Since I met Steve I’ve seen about 160 movies all on Steve’s dime (most of them while we were just friends…yeah right)!
#1-I have the boyfriend I want, job I want and coat that I want!

I would like to add that I am very grateful for everything that has been given to me! And I’ve worked hard to get a lot of it as well.


19 Sep

My Nephews Are Awesome…


My roommate Steve loses to me in Wii Tennis…here are the results…