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The Disciplines: Being Green, Filling Up Buckets and not Faking

20 Oct

So we started the Spiritual Disciplines last night. Had no idea what to expect. I knew at least my parents were coming. That would make four people total counting myself and Jeremy. Size doesn’t matter but it is awkward to talk for 30 plus minutes to three people. However, it turned out to be about 25 people who showed up for our first Sunday night gathering.

Some thoughts on the evening:
1) Jeremy rocked on the guitar. I appreciate his desire not to be in the center but to be in the corner of the room so we could focus on the words we are singing and not the singer himself. Also, it was great to hear a personal reflection between songs. You earned your Rockstar my friend (I’ll be sure to get diet next time.)
2) Thanks to Jacquie for coming through with snacks and drinks…and coughdrops…for some reason I get pretty severe drymouth and almost loose my voice when teaching and I need a coughdrop for anything over 20 minutes (should see a doctor about that).
3) My parents brought their friends from Lodi. They are pretty new to practicing the faith and I think they enjoy seeing their son teach. I hope they don’t bully their friends too much in getting them to come.
4) The talk. Sheesh, I spoke for 40 minutes. I do love to hear the sound of my voice but a bit too long. Every word is thought out in preparation so I don’t feel that I get lost going on tangents but I think that I need to cut it down to 30 minutes.
5) The format. This week it was just singing and teaching because I didn’t know what to expect attendance and crowd dynamic wise. Next week there will be some table interaction about the subject that will lead into the teaching.

So those are some thoughts…BTW, the talks are posted online with the Sunday morning messages here


Spiritual Disciplines – Defined

18 Aug

“The disciplines are activities of mind and body purposefully undertaken, to bring our personality and total being into effective cooperation with the divine order. They enable s more and more to live in a power that is, strictly speaking, beyond us, deriving from the spiritual realm itself, as we “yield ourselves to God, as those that are alive from the dead, and our members as instruments of righteousness unto God” as Romans 6:13 puts it.”
-Dallas Willard, p68 The Spirit of the Disciplines

Reading the Bible

13 Aug

Kenneth Bailey who has been very helpful at times in helping me understand the landscape, culture and traditions of the biblical world has a blog in which he made several posts about the scriptures along with do’s and don’t in interpreting. Check it out here.


11 Aug

So this upcoming semester I will be working with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) on the UOP (University of Pacific) campus as an employee of FBC (First Baptist Church). I like to call it the collision of the initials: FCA/UOP/FBC

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